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1L Survival Guide: Library Basics

Resources for successfully completing your 1L coursework and exams.

Getting Help in the Law Library

Contact Library Staff

Contact Law School IT

For computing support, including wireless connections, exam software, and VPN.

  • Phone the help desk using the handset outside the Computer Lab.
  • Email:


Using the Law Library

The Law Library's entrance is on the second floor of the law building. Check the Law Library website for more information below.

Using the Building

Using the Books & Computers

Research in the Law Library

Law Librarians

During the first year, law librarians can help with:

  • pro bono projects,
  • study aids, and
  • open-universe research projects. 

Come see us in the Law Library in the Reference Office. Hours are generally M-F, 9-5.

Research Pointers for 1Ls

Starting a legal research project?

One good way to begin is to review law library guides to treatises by subject.