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Externs, Summers & RAs

Research tips and advice for law students working in a variety of legal settings.

Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw in the Summer

Planning to use a UCI database over the Summer?

  • Bloomberg Law & Lexis: access is unrestricted for academic accounts – you can even use your account if you’re at a firm*.
  • Westlaw: Commercial use is prohibited. Academic use is unrestricted. 
  • Others (e.g. HeinOnline, Legislative Insight): log into the Law VPN first

* Always check your employer's policies for tracking and billing research costs.

Tips for every legal job

Want a book that covers all the bases?

Want to start with a good secondary source?

Connecting from off campus?

  • Law IT Help Desk: (949) 824-1434 during regular business hours (Pacific)


Ask a librarian! If you don't have one at work, ask us. We'd love to help you make a good impression! Stop by, call, or email.