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Summer Employment Resources

Tips and tools to help you get started on summer research projects.

Bloomberg is Your Friend

Chances are you've done most of your research in law school using either Westlaw or Lexis, but if you are doing transactional work, you will want to start using Bloomberg Law, which really shines in the area of corporate and transactional law. 

Lookup a Company

Locate SEC Filings

Find Information on Deals

Help! I have to draft something!

Drafting transactional documents can be scary. Thankfully, there are plenty of helpful resources out there!

  • First, check with your employer to see if they have a database of exemplars. Many attorneys and firms maintain collections of example contracts, agreements, or even single clauses for themselves or other attorneys to use when drafting similar documents.
  • Search for real examples of over 600 types of transactional documents using Bloomberg Law's Transactional Precedent database.
  • You can also use fill-in-the-blank templates called forms. Forms can often be found in subject-specific practice guides, but Lexis and Westlaw both offer useful form-finding resources.