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International Law Research

Starting points to either collect international law sources or conduct in-depth public international law research.


Start research by locating and reading one or more relevant entries in the Max Planck Encyclopedias of International Law. These entries provide authoritative background by introducing relevant treaties, cases, and secondary sources to consult next, providing an excellent gateway to researching most any international law topic.

General Treatises

In addition to reading relevant encyclopedia entries, contextualize your research by reviewing relevant sections from one or more of the three highly regarded general international law treatises below to understand where your issue falls within the broad framework of international law.

Topical Treatises

Continue your research with treatises focusing on your specific topic area/issue/international organization. Select areas are included below. Consult curated lists of treatises (see Resources for Finding Treatises) or search the library catalog, UC Library Search, to locate treatises in other areas.

Resources for Finding Treatises


United Nations

International Court of Justice

International Humanitarian Law

International Disputes

Journal Articles

During or after your treatise research, search for relevant articles in the following indexes and databases that include a wide array of journals on international law topics published worldwide. Articles often provide targeted discussion and commentary on narrow areas of international law.