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Source Collection

For law-student editors and other researchers who are editing articles, checking citation format, and collecting sources.

Finding Articles

Law journals

To find scanned electronic versions of law review articles, try HeinOnline.

HeinOnline - Law Journal Library  

Example: 53 Stan. L. Rev. 1201

Newspapers and other journals

In general, you can search for articles by using Library Search / Almost everything or Google Scholar

Example: Your article cites: Erwin Chemerinsky, Against Sovereign Immunity, 53 Stan. L. Rev. 1201 (2001).

You can also try Melvyl to look for journals that don't show up in Google Scholar or Library Search.


Resources for finding newspapers & journals

Ask a law librarian about law review articles, journals, newspaper articles, or other periodical materials that you can't find.

Online articles

Rule 16

Databases are ok to cite for news sources. 

  • Rule 16.6(e) has examples of citations to "commercial electronic databases."
  • Rule 16.8(a) has the same examples, plus more explanation.

The internet is ok to cite for news sources.

  • Rule 16.6(f) says explicitly that Internet versions of newspapers "may be used in place of print newspapers." Citation syntax for online is different from print.
    • Print citation:
      Pat Lee, Front-page News Item, Newspaper, Jan. 1, 2000, at A1.
    • Online citation:
      Pat Lee, Front-page News Item, Newspaper, (Jan. 1, 2000),