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Source Collection

For law-student editors and other researchers who are editing articles, checking citation format, and collecting sources.

Finding Books

First read Rule 15 carefully and check your citation to make sure you're using the correct edition. Then search for books or other treatises in Melvyl.

Tip for scanned books: Many books—especially older titles that are out of copyright—are available online in specialty research systems like ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online), MoML (Making of Modern Law), and HeinOnline. Search by title and author to find links to these system from Library Search at


  • Search by title and author, if your citation has that information. Example: to find the most current edition of Erwin Chemerinsky's hornbook on constitutional law, try
    [au:chemerinsky AND ti:"constitutional law principles"]
  • Need an older edition? Include the year in your search. Example: to find the 4th edition of Erwin Chemerinsky's hornbook on constitutional law, try
    au:chemerinsky AND ti:"constitutional law principles" AND yr:2011 ]
  • Advanced search options for Melvyl are at

If your book is:

  • Checked out - borrow the book from another library by clicking on "Request" in Melvyl. (See ILL for more information.)
  • At another UCI library - go to the other UCI Library (e.g. Langson or Science). Walk or ride or drive to those libraries; students cannot have books sent to the Law Library. Maps of campus buildings are available in the Law Library or online.
  • At an off-campus library - request books online from Melvyl, using the journal account, to start the ILL process.

Ask a law librarian about books that you can't find in a catalog.