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Source Collection

For law-student editors and other researchers who are editing articles, checking citation format, and collecting sources.

Resources for International Materials

Bluebook Rule 21 covers citations to international materials. These include treaties, international cases of various sorts, and materials from the UN, EU, and WTO. Preferences and suggestions are tucked into introductory text and sub-sections. so careful editors will read closely. 

Tables 3 through 5 outline which sources are preferred for international materials.

  • Table 3 - intergovernmental organizations
  • Table 4 - treaties
  • Table 5 - arbitral reporters

United Nations Sources

Do you have a partial or complete document symbol for a UN report, resolution, conference proceeding, or other document? Use the links below to quickly find it online.

Sample UN Document Symbol: A/CONF.151/26/Rev.1(Vol.I)

  • A/ means the document was submitted to the General Assembly
  • CONF means the subsidiary body was a Conference
  • CONF.151/ is the special code for the UN Conference on Environment and Development that happened in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Rev.1 means the document was revised and reissued in its entirety.