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Source Collection

For law-student editors and other researchers who are editing articles, checking citation format, and collecting sources.

Resources for Online Materials

  • Bluebook Rules 18.1(a) and 18.2.1(d) have examples of citations with a archive link.
  • is used to take an archival snapshot of a web page and create a permanent link.
  • The UCI Law Review is a "vesting organization."
  • Questions? Contact your journal's Research Chair or Research Editors about using

Online articles

Rule 16

Databases are ok to cite for news sources. 

  • Rule 16.6(e) has examples of citations to "commercial electronic databases."
  • Rule 16.8(a) has the same examples, plus more explanation.

The internet is ok to cite for news sources.

  • Rule 16.6(f) says explicitly that Internet versions of newspapers "may be used in place of print newspapers." Citation syntax for online is different from print.
    • Print citation:
      Pat Lee, Front-page News Item, Newspaper, Jan. 1, 2000, at A1.
    • Online citation:
      Pat Lee, Front-page News Item, Newspaper, (Jan. 1, 2000),