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Source Collection

For law-student editors and other researchers who are editing articles, checking citation format, and collecting sources.

Cases and court documents

Rule 10

  • Try Westlaw for reporters in the National Reporter Systemthere may be a scanned PDF.
  • You can also find specialty reporters and other primary legal sources in Encore, the Law Library catalog.
  • Tip: West is not the only publisher that prints reporters - there are specialty reporters (e.g. USPQ) that academic authors regularly cite.

Search Encore for specialty reporters in print

Statutes and legislative materials

Rule 12

Check your Bluebook, including Table 1, to determine which sources to cite for statutory language. 

  • If we don't have print volumes of a current state code, you can use and cite an online version. See Bluebook Rule 12.5 for examples of citations to commercial electronic databases. Also check Table 1 and Google to see if a state provides online access to authenticated statutes or codes.

Rule 13

Legislative materials, especially federal materials, are frequently available online in PDF. 

Administrative materials

Rule 14

Check your Bluebook to verify which sources to use and cite for administrative materials. Rules and related materials (like the Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Register) are available in PDF from HeinOnline and Other types of administrative materials are available online and in print.