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Administrative Law Research: Admin Decisions

Primary and secondary sources for finding rules, proposed rules, agency activity, including decisions, and presidential documents.

Finding Agency Decisions - Links

Finding Agency Decisions

Administrative agencies act in a judicial-like capacity when issuing decisions that interpret and enforce regulations.  These decisions are rarely gathered in one place, and some agencies do not publish decisions in any format.

Agency Website.  Often, agencies will put administrative decisions on their website. Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), you may request documents from administrative agencies.  

Lexis & Westlaw provide access to some administrative decisions.

BNA & CCH (Loose-leaf Services) publish administrative decisions in their subject areas. For older administrative decisions, loose-leafs are often the only source. The Bluebook lists the major loose-leaf services in Table 15.

Agency Reporters. Some agencies publish official reports of their decisions, which resemble a standard court reporter series. The Bluebook lists the official administrative publications in Table 1.2.